Our aim is to provide patients with better access to high-quality

We are seeking to improve people lives

Our vision is to build SAMA into a world class and leading specialty pharmaceutical company

Your Health is SAMA Care

About SAMA

When ?

Sama pharmaceutical company was founded in late 2009 with the aim of transforming the company into a public shareholding company that guarantees the benefit of the Palestinian people.

Our Vision

To be a company owned by the Palestinian for producing high-quality human medicines, that match the quality of the international products to maintain Palestinian citizen’ health. The company continues research and development with the highest standards of ethics and human respect to fulfill their medical needs.

SAMA Factories

Sama embodied with its staff and building.
The dexterity in planning ,designing and Implementing,in order to produce a high quality product through it’s four factories.

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Why SAMA Products ?

Raw Material

Sama company imports the basic raw materials used in manufacturing and packaging the drugs according to the international standards from the best quality suppliers in the world who are recognized in Europe and internationally, also the raw materials are analyzed in the quality labs of the company to assure that they meet the required standards.

Method of Good Manufacturing and Productive Environment

Sama Pharmaceutical Manufacturing company is always committed to GMP standards. The factory is designed according to the latest international technological specifications. It is equipped with the best and most powerful systems (such as the ventilation system, air conditioning and cooling system. The manufacturing mechanisms used for each product assure the best specifications and conform to those mentioned in the latest international drug constitutions. The product is tested after each stage of manufacturing chemically and physically and is also tested by other required tests. As for the devices used in the analysis, they are accurate, sophisticated and capable of detecting any possible error or deviation from the certified specifications of any product.

The Policy of Selecting the Pharmaceutical Composition

The composition and the inactive materials it includes are selected in a way that achieves the desired therapeutic effect.

The Diversity of Working Experiences

Sama Company attracts experienced and highly skilled employees from different fields including chemical, industrial, pharmaceutical ,medical ,engineering ,administrative or other fields. All this under the slogan (Quality First) so that the Palestinian citizen will get a national product of high quality at an affordable price.

What they say about us

Prof. Salem Haj Yahya

Eng. Majdi Al Saleh

Mr. Bassam Walwel

Our Departments

Quality Control Department

This department is responsible for the following departments :

1. Quality Assurance Management (QA)

Marketing and sales management

This department is responsible for studying market needs, finding new markets, organizing scientific and practical courses


Engineering management Department

This department is run by a group of experienced engineers whose job is to follow-up designing and modifying the


Planning Management Department

It is responsible for developing a pharmaceutical production plan and providing the required raw


IT Management Department

This department is responsible for all the electronic systems in the company including computers,


Human resources management

Responsible for all the issues related to the employees including security, training, rights and


Financial Management Department

Responsible for setting the company’s financial budgets, accounting, cash flow, financing, imports, financial exports and preparing periodic budgets.

Purchasing and Warehouse Management

Warehouses were designed in the ground floor with an area of about 2300 m² with 7.5 height to store raw materials and